Уникальные экземпляры – индивидуальный заказ

Personal consultation

A very personal unique timepiece demands a very personal consultation, for this direct private contact is essential for the creation of an individual timepiece bearing your personal touch. We do not just want you to be a highly pleased enthusiast of our extraordinary masterpieces, we actually want to feel your enthusiasm!

Arrange a personal meeting

Georg Bartkowiak – your personal contact – would be happy to visit you at home or at your office to illustrate you the scope of variety for your personal timepiece. Of course we heartily welcome you at our workshops in Southern Germany as well. So please do not hesitate to contact us, we are looking forward to receive your request.

You would like to visit our workshops?

You are heartily welcome to listen to the ticking of the clockworks  in our workshops at Daetzingen castle, near Stuttgart. On this occasion you will meet Hermann Grieb and Jochen Benzinger face-to-face, while these specialists in watchmaking  and finishing will explain their craft to you in every detail.