Personal consultation

A very personal unique timepiece demands a very personal consultation, for this direct private contact is essential for the creation of an individual timepiece bearing your personal touch. We do not just want you to be a highly pleased enthusiast of our extraordinary masterpieces, we actually want to feel your enthusiasm!

You would like to visit our workshops?

You are heartily welcome to listen to the ticking of the clockworks  in our workshops at Daetzingen castle, near Stuttgart. On this occasion Hermann Grieb & Jochen Benzinger will explain their craft to you in every detail.



Individual requests & personalization

Each person is individual, each client is individual. Thus each GRIEB & BENZINGER unique timepiece is constructed and manufactured with regard to individual personalization.  Your initials, your own personal lucky number, whatever it might be we do our best to match your special requests with  the overall design concept and technical reconstruction. Whether engraving or technical modification we not to set any limits to your wishes and creativity as long as the particular character and function of a unique GRIEB & BENZINGER timepiece is preserved. In order to optimize the sound of a minute repeater, we recently melted down parts of an historic bronze church bell to produce a special resonant ring for the striking mechanism.

Examples of a typical personalization

Technical modification, shifted hour & minute display, regulator conversion, choice of hands, Arabic or Roman numerals, one numeral highlighted in colour, personalized engravings, skeletonized initials, gem-setting…


All our master pieces involve a great amount of time, dedication and devotion to detail. All these attributes also apply to our client relations. Upon consultation of your individual requests, we will work out a technical as well as optical design concept and create a drawing of the dial to give you a first impression of your personal timepiece.

Images for eternity ….

During the manufacturing process we keep you informed about the progress to ensure that, wherever you may be, you will be able to follow the evolution of your personal timepiece so the excitement will remain from the very first to the very last second.


We will be happy to present you your individual GRIEB & BENZINGER in person, no matter where you live. Otherwise, you might come to our place where we shall organize a festive presentation in a pleasant ambiance for you.

A reason to celebrate anyway, for then you will be one of few collectors in the world to own a GRIEB & BENZINGER Platinum which has been carefully manufactured by hand in more than 1000 hours to meet the highest individual demands.