Blue Dragon

The dragon has always been the symbol of imperial power – a symbol for happiness, peace, protection and destiny. The BLUE DRAGON IMPERIAL alludes to and combines Chinese mythology with the craftsmanship of GRIEB & BENZINGER, for which the workshop is famed. This outstanding watch impresses by its amazing skeleton dragon which is fully skeletonized out of the movement itself and majestically floats within the case.

Historical handicrafts and fine skills are exhibited by GRIEB & BENZINGER within this BLUE DRAGON IMPERIAL watch: hand-skeletonization, hand-guilloché, hand-engraving and of course fine watchmaking. The blue platinum coated movement is tribute to very rare historical Swiss watch making roots:

Blue movements have mainly been built for the Chinese market in imperial China of the Qing Dynasty under Emperors Jia Qing and Dao Guang. And since 8 is the Chinese lucky number, this dragon project is limited to each 8 pieces only.

Blue Dragon

white gold with 124 baguette-cut
diamonds /white gold with guilloché bezel
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