The new GRIEB & BENZINGER BOUTIQUE models may even surprise connoisseurs of the high-end scene. Clever modifications added to the GRIEB & BENZINGER line’s mechanical movements now exhibit their technical know-how.

The GRIEB & BENZINGER partners Georg Bartkowiak, Jochen Benzinger and Hermann Grieb uniquely prove they are able to walk the fine line between traditional technology and exceptional design, making them a holistic unit and creating handmade, one-of-a-kind pieces with high rarity value, guaranteeing their future owners corresponding exclusivity.

The new collection comes in solid red gold watch cases of contemporary design and perfect finish. The hand-guilloché bezel and the high gold content of the solid case bear witness to the substantial presence of these new watches. Because of the enormous amount of handcrafted elements, only 100 customized timepieces can be created per year.

Blue Dragon

The dragon has always been the
symbol of imperial power
– a symbol for happiness,
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Blossom Collection

The GRIEB & BENZINGER classic,
the timepiece that collectors all over
the world have loved for years,…
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Pharos Collection

the eyealone by virtue of its
unusual visuals.
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Polaris Collection

The POLARIS is distinctly masculine.
The watch is outfitted with
a specially modified …
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Shades Of Grey

Solid 18K palladium-white gold case
watches with brilliant-or
princess-cut diamonds
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