The workshop, the creative center of an artist.

The GRIEB & BENZINGER timepiece artists live and work in two small yet exquisite special ateliers: One in the heart of the famous ‘gold town’ Pforzheim plus our creative base camp at Daetzingen castle in the Swabian village of Grafenau. Here, time and inspiration are the most important factors in the quest for true perfection. Today, as 100 years ago, creativity and inspiration still need three things above all others to flourish:

Time, time, and more time…

In Pforzheim, lynchpin of the German goldsmithery and jewellery industry, we specifically carry out our guilloché, engraving and skeletonizing works. With its historic special machinery, partly originating from the 19th century, the workshop reminds of an industrial museum, a quite lively one though. Today, there are in fact only very few specialists world-wide who are capable of practising such an exceptional handicraft as skeletonizing, engraving and guilloché by means of these traditional tools and, above all, in the true sense of the word: by hand. This is where Jochen Benzinger – who justifiably ranks among the very best of his guild – rules over the largest collection of existing and still operative engine-turning machines!

The art of restoring a timepiece is a dying trade. In the GRIEB & BENZINGER workshops, however, it lives on, for here the traditions and techniques from all eras of fine watchmaking are united under one roof – this is one of a kind world-wide!

Watchmaking and restoration are carried out in our second workshop and headquarter, Schloss Daetzingen in the Swabian village of Grafenau. The castle’s former washhouse, which has been transformed appropriately for our purposes, provides Hermann Grieb with the peace and inspiration of the country idyll he needs to dedicate himself to the creative demands this special kind of watchmaker’s art involves: cutting toothed wheels and plates by hand on classic watchmaker’s lathes, turning screws about as thin as a human hair and in the end fit all these parts together into a functioning movement.

Four workstations as well as a glassed cleanroom, in which all the GRIEB & BENZINGER PLATINUM models are brought back to life, were established specifically for these purposes.