In every single GRIEB & BENZINGER PLATINUM unicum beats the heart of an historic movement, newly interpreted by a master of fine watchmaking. Down to the smallest detail, these filigree works of art are disassembled and restored.  Since there do no longer exist any working drawings for these movements, only a handful of specialists world-wide are capable of realizing such an intensive restoration and modification of this sort. Hundreds of parts of which each single one is meticulously wrought! One of these few specialists world-wide is Hermann Grieb.

This unique combination of old techniques and new functions forms the creative bedrock upon which the fabulous GRIEB & BENZINGER PLATINUM timepieces are composed.

Step by step

Disassembling a watch complication means digging deeper and deeper into the very heart of a mechanical movement. The deeper you dig the greater the amount of apparently similar levers and identical tiny screws – which are in fact just slightly different in length and accuracy of fit and partly differ merely minimally.

Reassembling the refined movement parts which have, due to hand-engraving, gouilloché and skeletonizing, occasionally only been changed by 5/100 Millimeters, demands


the long years of experience of Hermann Grieb who laboriously needs to precisely readjust all the parts – up to 20 times if necessary – until all functions are in perfect harmony again.

The vertical range of manufacture required from our basic watch movement to the finished GRIEB & BENZINGER PLATINUM movement has thus become intensive to such an extent, it by far exceeds the expenditure for a new, industrially manufactured watch movement!