The watchcases for our PLATINUM unique pieces are processed from a massive platinum unit. As for the platinum alloy, we have decided to use the highest quality on the market: Pt 950. An average of more than 1 kg platinum per watchcase – depending on the size – is used to manufacture our characteristic multipiece watchcases featuring a platinum content of 110 to 200 grammes. Thus the GRIEB & BENZINGER PLATINUM unique timepieces are the most solid platinum watches available on the market. That’s what our name stands for.

Flame-blued ground plate

Paying homage to Charles Oudin, a student of Breguet, all ground plates of the GRIEB & BENZINGER movements are coated with blue platinum. Thus originates the distinctive character of a GRIEB & BENZINGER. The combination of finest platinum along with platinum blue plated watch movements creates the harmonically cool contrasts that make our refined unique timepieces so peerless.

GRIEB & BENZINGER is the only brand world-wide to apply blue platinum for the movement finish. This technique has been exclusively developed by us!


The crown – a small part plays a big role. By means of the crown you wind your GRIEB & BENZINGER PLATINUM and set the time, day after day.

Reason enough for us to manufacture this detail in platinum, too. And, as no supplier would produce a crown of such complexity, we even manufacture the crown ourselves – in solid platinum, of course, made-to-measure for each single timepiece.