Individual requests & personalization

Each person is individual, each client is individual. Thus each GRIEB & BENZINGER unique timepiece is constructed and manufactured with regard to individual personalization.  Your initials, your own personal lucky number, whatever it might be we do our best to match your special requests with  the overall design concept and technical reconstruction. Whether engraving or technical modification we not to set any limits to your wishes and creativity as long as the particular character and function of a unique GRIEB & BENZINGER timepiece is preserved. In order to optimize the sound of a minute repeater, we recently melted down parts of an historic bronze church bell to produce a special resonant ring for the striking mechanism.

Examples of a typical personalization

Technical modification, shifted hour & minute display, regulator conversion, choice of hands, Arabic or Roman numerals, one numeral highlighted in colour, personalized engravings, skeletonized initials, gem-setting…