Unique Timepieces

At GRIEB & BENZINGER  we manufacture finest unique timepieces according to an inimitable concept. In our workshop, we completely restore invariably hand-picked and most precious movements by the great old masters from 1880 to 1930 in traditional manner. In the course of this, the movements are taken apart into their smallest elements, worked on, guilloched, engraved and skeletonized in order to make an individual client’s very personal watch dream come true. Thereby, the up to 130-year-old movement is repeatedly disassembled and recomposed, until every single of its functions as well as all technical details are perfectly tuned. In this way, old timepieces are turned into new masterpieces of indescribable exclusiveness.


In our workshops, we in fact live and practise ancient watchmaker’s traditions and long-lost craftsmanship. Take for example the missing piece of an historic Patek Philippe minute repeater from 1905, which we reconstruct in classical handicraft using historical machines and techniques according to good old tradition. We completely rebuild the movement, skeletonize it by hand, engrave and gouilloche it – and all this without the original design drawing!

True watchmaker’s skill, in keeping with the tradition of Abraham Louis Breguet. Here at GRIEB & BENZINGER, classic watchmaker’s art relives its prime. This watch concept, along with its realization, within the GRIEB & BENZINGER workshops is unique; considering a number of pieces of approximately ten watches per year, we offer you an eyot of exclusiveness within a market floated by mass luxury.