Watchcase & Strap Design

In former times, the watchcase merely served as a means to an end, primarily protecting the watch movement. Today, however, the watchcase is above all a design object and thus possesses a high recognition value. For this reason,  we at GRIEB & BENZINGER place great emphasis on the design and recognizability of our massive platinum watchcases. The solid middle section with the screwed-in strap lugs, the carefully faceted, bolted and guilloched bezel along with the matching screwed-in case-back – both sapphire glass, of course – pay tribute to the core qualities of the timepiece. The platinum crown is hand-made, for each single timepiece requires a new, individual winder. The platinum clasp with its gouilloché surface perfectly rounds off the total work of art.

Construction & Design

Every modification, every change of the movement – no matter how small – is an interference with the functional principle of the entire watch movement. Hence even the smallest modification must be in accordance with the mechanical function chain. Each single new cogwheel has to be precisely calculated, each modification has to be adapted to the movement’s flux.

Thus from the very beginning, from the basic design idea to the technical requirements and modifications up to the manufacturing of the new timepiece, every single step has to be coordinated in order to ensure the perfect combination of extraordinary design and smooth functioning.

Needless to say that all design and production steps are personally realized by us – since only then can we guarantee the high-value of our GRIEB & BENZINGER unique timepieces.

Dial Design

The intense work involved in designing and manufacturing a GRIEB & BENZINGER dial is immeasurable. We consequentially continue the enormous manual work we invest in our watch movements with our dials. The dial needs to both form a unity with the functions of the movement and reach aesthetic perfection. It has to display the correct time, but at the same time reveal the features of the movement and hereby make clear at first glance that this watch is a GRIEB & BENZINGER unique timepiece: Skeletonized hands with overlapping displays and regulator function for example are typical characteristics of the GRIEB & BENZINGER design. Standard dials used in the luxury watch industry are usually made of conventional brass and manufactured in serial production. But not at GRIEB & BENZINGER: In our workshops, every dial is made of solid sterling silver and manufactured by hand. Therewith each dial is a unique item, guilloched by hand, decorated with the characteristic Breguet border and finished with the legendary Breguet Frost, which nowadays is exclusively applied in the GRIEB & BENZINGER workshops.

Being manufactured once only, each single dial is a challenge we passionately accept – for your very individual GRIEB & BENZINGER unique timepiece: Exclusivity you will only find at GRIEB & BENZINGER.