Georg Bartkowiak, Jochen Benzinger, Hermann Grieb: this triptych of enthusiastic timepiece connoisseurs, artists and craftsmen is grounded on a long-term friendship. Shared passion, devotion and professional expertise constitute the sound basis of the extraordinary creations labeled GRIEB & BENZINGER PLATINUM.
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The workshop, the creative center of an artist. The GRIEB & BENZINGER timepiece artists live and work in two small yet exquisite special ateliers: One in the heart of the famous ‘gold town’ Pforzheim plus our creative base camp at Daetzingen castle in the Swabian village of Grafenau. Here, time and inspiration are the most important factors in the quest for true perfection. Today, as 100 years ago, creativity and inspiration still need three things above all others to flourish:

Time, time, and more time…
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Schloss Dätzingen

Schloss Daetzingen – our home is your castle. It is the place where we can realize our projects in an inspirational atmosphere as well as receive our guests within a classy and atmospheric ambience. Our small country castle is truly a jewel whose charm is simply irresistible.
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