Black Tulip Sabudha Imperial

Black Tulip Sabudha Imperial

To commemorate an auspicious occasion, the third anniversary of luxury magazine Simply Abu Dhabi, GRIEB & BENZINGER has been commissioned to create a unique watch. Simply Abu Dhabi magazine is one of the only publications to be distributed to the Royal Palatial Homes and Offices of the ruling families of Abu Dhabi. Since the Simply Abu Dhabi CEO, is a big fan of GRIEB & BENZINGER, a never be reproduced time piece was created as patronage to Abu Dhabi and to commemorate Simply Abu Dhabi birthday.

The result, the BLACK TULIP SABUDHA IMPERIAL, is an exceptionally decorated wristwatch inspired by the majesty, mystery and magic of the Middle East, and prominently spotlights a re-imagination of the most mythical jewel in the world. This watch is the quintessence of GRIEB & BENZINGER`s singular philosophy: limited to a single, never-to-be-repeated piece. The brilliance and sheer desirability of this solid rose gold wristwatch does not stop there:

attention is drawn to the bezel set with black gemstones, which are not black diamonds, contrary to what might be expected. The bezel is set with incredible black spinel gemstones, aligned perfectly with invisible settings and glittering with a deep, ethereal intensity. These very jewels, which are rarely if ever used in watchmaking, have a wonderfully smooth, clean surface.


Solid 18K rose gold case, diameter 43 mm, tailor made Princess cut black spinel gem stones, com- pletely skeletonized engraved and guilloché by hand, totally blackened, Simply Abu Dhabi badge imprint, gear train bridge personal hand-skeletonized with the Simply Abu Dhabi magazine owners initials “A&J”, black alligator skin strap.